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Recipe: Tasty Best ever easy frito pie

Best ever easy frito pie. Frito pie made here on dad's kitchen. The best chili dog I've ever made Today I am making this easy instant pot Frito pie it's one of the families favorite recipes.

Best ever easy frito pie Open up the Fritos bags by cutting a slit in the side (easiest to eat), down the center, or popping open the. Though the word "pie" may conjure up images of a dessert made of dough with various fillings, the famous Frito Pie is, in fact, something of an entirely different nature. Well, this week I have a quick stove top version of frito pie to share. You can have Best ever easy frito pie using 9 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Best ever easy frito pie

  1. You need of chili cheese Fritos.
  2. It's of Refried beans (see previous recipe post).
  3. It's of Roma tomatoes diced.
  4. You need of lettuce diced.
  5. It's of shredded fiesta blend cheese.
  6. You need of sour cream.
  7. It's of ground beef or venison.
  8. Prepare of taco seasoning.
  9. Prepare of Taco Bell hot sauce.

I must admit I like this easy frito pie just as much! This one is topped differently and is a fun change from the other recipe. It gets the addition of fresh ingredients that really compliment the meat mixture. This delicious, easy Frito Pie is total comfort food, and it's so simple to make … perfect for busy weeknights and game day parties!

Best ever easy frito pie step by step

  1. Cook and drain your meat and mix in with taco seasoning..
  2. Start building your bowl! Start with corn chips, meat, cheese, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and hot sauce !.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Have you ever been to a college football game? I attended one or two at my. It is the perfect meal for busy weeknights or to enjoy on Game Day. Frito Pie has layers of Fritos™, chili and cheese for an irresistible Tex Mex casserole everyone will love.

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